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It's time to fill the page titled 'Who Am I', and the first thing I wonder is, as focus? I put qualifications? Story of my life? I will make five cents.

It all started, due to some 7 or 8 years, when I received a propaganda linedance a course offered by the Fine Comas, I thought I could try. The first dance I learned was 'Rock Around the Clock', I loved. That each had their dance music, and could therefore different dance styles hooked me. Then there was danced very country style, luckily, Fine I discovered with a wide range of possibilities (Funky, mambo, cha-txas, Country…)

From here, I started to call me in the course of the NTA, but who m’ had said…I would lecturing!!! No one had ever gone by any, mostly out of respect for the profession.

With the words “miraculous” of Fine, I throw to teach. It, you… sometimes you need to give me a “slap” to react lol…

All the courses I have done through the Catalan Federation of Dance Sport, only agency where the courses valid to practice in all state. I leave a link below if you want more information.

I reached the 4 the NTA… In the near future I will level 5, specializes in music. For a while I was in the country commission and there I could see a group of people, working for all this to go ahead, moments have been busy, Meeting, prepare for competitions, Nerves… but always forward!!! There comes a time when one must not be agreed upon by all, and when I considered was to concentrate in class and work.

During this time I have also been competing, those who know me know that was a big challenge . And everything was made possible, my coach Marti Prades, who won the most you could get, their friendship. He, it made me who your coaching sessions, feared profitable and well. Soon, I hope to retrain, I learn as much technical basis. Its requirement for a job well done makes you much better, and above, as a person.

I think I need to learn loooooooong, and I'm always in a constant learning and if, I love teaching and especially, see everyone dancing evolves. View over the years, as a person through the dance has taken more self-confidence and improved processes laterite, or even, received a spontaneous hug and effusive, middle of an exhibition of my student, Down syndrome, All this is what makes me.

And now I say….not knowing what to do there God the long and boring speech hahahaha.. Congratulations if you got here! lol
I leave the official part of the curriculum:


Eva Casas

Eva Casas








  • Official Register of Professional Sport in Catalonia, number: REP 013106
  • Dance Sport Technical Level. Number of federal: TE-0071
  • DEA – Basic Life Support and Automated Defibrillator
  • RC – Liability
  • Dance Fundamentals NTA level IV. Member Number: 7618
  • Jutge professional de Linedance & Country Western Dance la FCBE. Number: JBE-000053
  • Competing at the circuit level in novice UCWDC

I am currently receiving classes for each of my coaches Marti Prades Fine Comas, Dance School Solsona.
I do different kinds of recreational linedance neighborhood associations and nearby Manresa.

If you want to contact me, you can do superline.eva @ gmail.com or, fill out the contact form.
Thank you all, and forward dance :D


Rule of Law Sports.


List of technical body of Catalan Federation of Dance Sport