It is learned the dance and choreography has a songAnd ... there are thousands ... In the new working class choreography, and review the previous days. The main objective is to dance all styles, funky, txa-txa, rock, Current music….
With linedance working memory, coordination… and is a way to have fun, to de-stress and problems of everyday.

The classes are divided by skill levels, so everyone can go at their own pace year after year.

Level 0: It is not necessary to have knowledge of dance to start. Suitable for everyone.
Level 1: If you ease to dance, this is your class.
Level 2: In this class dances are longer memorize, and more difficult

Also, do some Free holidays during the year by students, where we meet, ballem, and we laugh a little (the great) refrigerate.
At the end of the year always prepare a display, where students demonstrate what they have learned during the year.
This site all the students can see the dances they learn, well have a query file if they want to continue practicing at home. It, you, aixó enganxa!

You can come and try a few free classes, to know what level is best suited.